Mobile-First Business telephone Service

Empower Your Team to

Startups & SMB

Streamline your business communication with a single platform for your voice, fax, chat and teleconference. Make and receive calls with your work phone number on your mobile phone, from anywhere, anytime.

Create the right impression with your customers. With a toll free or geographic telephone number, a virtual receptionist with advanced menu, a welcoming greeting, hold music, and advanced voicemail, your business will project the image of a serious player.

Start saving and reach more customers today. Join the many small & medium businesses who enjoy the benefits of doing more with less.


Boost team productivity with our cloud unified communications  service. Enable them to easily conference call, chat, and video across the globe. Connect everyone at anytime, and anywhere using their favorite mobile device.

Create local market presence with our multi-country number capability. Your customers and suppliers can call in with a local country number. With about 8000 city number support, every call can be a local call. Demolish the high costs of calling your headquarter country; and obliterate future missed opportunities.

Save up to 90% on international roaming calls by using WIFI or local mobile data services.

Network Operators

Are you an ISP or Mobile Network Operator? Partner with us to offer advanced business telephone, and unified communications services to your customers. Support any IP phone of your choice or use our app on android, IOS, or Windows PC. 

With zero-overhead cost of investment, you can focus on market development while leveraging our technology, and software defined telecoms expertise.

Access new revenue streams by originating, and terminating calls for Circls’ global network. Benefit from Circls’ ever-expanding cloud footprint. Opt for local nodes, or start selling today off our multi-data center, and multi-country nodes.

Improve Performance. Go Mobile-First

Connect your team across the globe with crystal-clear HD calls, video or chat.  Let customers reach your sales or support team wherever they are working from. Set their ‘presence’, and let customers know when they’re available before calling. Free your company from unnecessary costs by cutting the landline cord.

Zero Overhead Costs - The Growth Promise

Circls is cheaper to acquire with our flexible subscription model. From the free option to modest contract-free monthly subscriptions. Bring the IP phones you already have, or use our app on the mobile devices of your team.

No special certification is required to use our intuitive web portal. Use the IT resources you already have.

Start Using Circls Today

Create an account today, and instantly transform your mobile device into a full-spectrum business telephone extension. There’s no paperwork, no binding contract, no delays. Just create an account, and go live. No waiting for lines to be installed.


Start with 1 user, and 1 device, and expand as, and when needed for a fraction of the cost of a business telephone system with less features. Simply log in to your account, and add users and devices as needed. And as always, we’re more than happy to assist. Never wait for upgrades, or perform any system maintenance again. Enjoy real communication freedom.

Work from Anywhere

Set your team’s creative spirit free. Work from home, work from a co-working space, work from a coffee shop. Anytime is work time, and any place is your office.

Maintain a single telephone number for your multi-location business.

What you Get with Circls Business Telephone

HD Secure Voice

Make and receive crystal-clear voice calls, with all the standard options of holding, transferring, and forwarding, plus enjoy support for voicemail, and a virtual receptionist.

HD Video Call

HD video calling means no lag, and reliable video communications when you need it most.

Virtual Receptionist

No business telephone solution is complete without it. This feature allows your customers to access a full menu when calling; eliminating the need for a permanent employee.


Circls offers open, and private teleconference function at no extra cost to all customers. Each user can host a multi-party teleconference with a unique conference PIN.

Chat and Presence

Establish group chat or peer-to-peer chat sessions. Share documents, plus other files. Know whether a colleague is available before calling.

Time-Base Call Routing

Let your business telephone system automatically decide what happens to inbound calls when it is after work hours, lunch time, or public holidays.

Self-Service Portal

Users only need ONE link to modify their account as needed; including adding, removing, and changing users/devices, and modifying specific PBX features.

Dial-By-Name Directory

Dial-by-name directory allows for fast, efficient inter-personal communications with no need to know the extension number of the called party. All the caller needs to know is the correct spelling of the person's name.


Receive and send faxes the same way you send email - no need for dedicated fax machines, or expensive fax servers. Every user can now receive faxes in their email box.

Visual Call Flow Editor (IVR)

Use a visual design tool to create simple or complex call flows with our easy-to-use visual call flow editor.

Multi-Country Numbers

Add numbers from different countries, or cities to your account and create immediate local-market presence. No need for a separate PBX system for your remote teams servicing local markets. One Smart Business Telephone platform for your entire multi-location business.

Visual Voicemail

Get voicemail in your email box. Modify and manage voicemail boxes as needed.

  • Caller ID number and name
  • Additional Voice Mail Box
  • Screen sharing
  • Advanced Call Transfers
  • Audio Conference
  • Automated attendant/IVR
  • Automated voice reminders
  • Black listing
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Hold
  • Calling line identification restriction
  • Call Recording
  • Call Waiting
  • Do not disturb
  • Follow Me
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Multiple line appearances
  • Music on Hold
  • Extension Dialing
  • Presence
  • Ring Groups
  • Voicemail to email

Plans and Pricing

Join our global community. Discover the new business telephone service that's easy-to-use, and secure. All Features included in every plan.


$ 0 Forever
  • Free access to all Circls' features
  • Bring You Own Device/App
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited devices
  • Unlimited SIP trunks
  • $2 per number per month
  • Pay only for usage (calls made)
  • Technical Support via Community.
  • Call charged per minute


$ 14
/ Per User/ Per Month
  • All Features plus:
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited calls*
  • Free On-boarding
  • Mobile and Desktop App
  • Support for SIP IP Phones
  • Telephone and Email support


$ 24
/ Per User/ Per Month
  • All PBX Features
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited calls*
  • Free On-Boarding
  • Mobile and Desktop App
  • Bring Existing IP Phones
  • Telephone and Email Support
  • Technical Account Manager

* Unlimited calls to fixed line and mobile numbers, applies to USA, Canada and South Africa

About Us

Our Mission & Vision

To provide an anywhere, any time communications platform that enables businesses to connect with their customers, and suppliers affordably using their mobile devices as an IP handset.

Our Core Team

Team Circls is made up of serial technology entrepreneurs who have 50 years of experience between them. Our experience, and expertise in software engineering, cloud computing, and network engineering has enabled us to build a platform that addresses every company’s business telephone requirements.

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